The transplant


How much time will the transplant take?

The intervention that includes the preparation of your child for the transplant in the operating room normally takes 10 to 14 hours. The operation itself takes about 8 to 12 hours.


How can I find out about my child’s condition during his operation?

You can always ask the clerk at the paediatric surgery desk, the nurses present on the ward and, of course, the referral nurses for children with liver diseases or liver transplanted children.


May I bring his brothers and sisters with me when my child will be transferred to the operating suite?

In order to ensure the best possible separation (child-parents) at the moment of transfer to the operating suite, it is preferable that the parents are present alone and that the other children are with other family members.


What information can you give me about the course of the post-transplant period?

After the intervention, your child will be transferred directly to the ICU (intensive care unit) and he will stay there for some days or some weeks depending on his development. Then, he will be transferred to the paediatric surgical ward.