SWISS CENTER FOR LIVER DISEASES IN CHILDREN is a centre within University Hospitals Geneva (HUG), which provide us with extensive support in our courses of action. Nevertheless, we aim to do even better by making you feel more comfortable, by improving our competent medical care further, and by developing basic and clinical research in the field of liver disease. Both clinical and basic research are essential factors that contribute to bettering the quality of the care we provide. They are financed by the HUG as well as by outside sources. We therefore take the liberty of seeking your financial contribution so that our centre may continue to advance with time and so we may improve your child’s experience, and yours! It is also equally important that we be in a position to help foreign children with liver disorders whose families do not have the means to cover all the expenses. We thank you for your support.

Bank details :

qrcode ENBank : B.C.G. (Banque Cantonale de Genève)
Account : Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
Currency : Francs Suisses / CHF
Clearing : 788
IBAN : CH96 0078 8000 C079 3062 2
Bank references : CGR 75402 KidsETransplant

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