Eliott’s testimonial
A few weeks after birth, Eliott was diagnosed with biliary atresia. Following a first operation in Zurich and several hospitalisations, Eliott had to be transferred to Geneva, where he was treated by the medical liver transplant team, who was of great moral support for us. After weeks of waiting, at the age of 8 months Eliott was fortunate enough to receive a graft. Two years later, he laughs, runs and talks like all little boys his age.


Giulia’s testimonial
The first time the question of a liver transplant for our sick child was brought up, it was as though a horrible ghost had appeared. Paying a visit to a transplanted child’s family helped us, for the child was radiant and led a normal life. During Giulia’s hospitalisation the whole team was highly understanding and supported us all along our stay. When she was dismissed, what joy to see our daughter in better health and full of life.


Clémentine’s testimonial
Clémentine was 3 months old when we discovered her disorder, and the news totally upset our lives. We arrived at the emergency ward at night, and the diagnosis was terrifying: biliary atresia, Kasaï procedure, liver transplantation. A world unknown to us. Clémentine was treated by the paediatric transplantation team, and she underwent a liver transplant at the age of 8 months. She is now 1 year old and doing well.


Morgana’s testimonial
I took Rega’s helicopter twice: once it was me and the other time it was my liver. Today, I am doing well and I thank the family who agreed to donate the organ of one of their loved ones to save my life.