Finances and accommodation


In general, all hospitalisations of a child are covered by the Invalidity Insurance (IV) when your child suffers from a congenital disorder. However, the IV will not refund you for your accommodation or your meals. In some cases, the IV may bear a portion of the travel expenses. The Association pour l’aide à l’enfant greffé et à sa famille (APAEG) has apartments ranging from 2 to 3 rooms (the kitchen is counted as room in Geneva) that are intended for children (with liver disorders or liver transplanted children) and their family and located near the Children’s Hospital. The hospital is within walking distance. We will give you a plan in order to explain to you where they are located. The cost is CHF 30.- for one night, CHF 25.- per night for a stay of two to five nights and CHF 15.- for a longer stay.

Contact data of the association that manages the apartments :


Association pour l’aide à l’enfant greffé et à sa famille (APAEG)

Ms Georgette Genton
Phone : +41 22 793 69 38
Email :

When all apartments are occupied, there is another possibility of accommodation: the Ronald McDonald Houses. These houses offer rooms at the price of CHF 20.- for a studio flat and CHF 15.- for a room per night. They are located quite close to the Children’s Hospital and within walking distance as well. The Ronald McDonald Houses are available to all parents living outside the canton of Geneva and whose child is hospitalised in Geneva for whatever pathology, not only for liver transplants.

Contact data :

Maison Ronald Mc Donald

Ms Anita Huber
Avenue de la Roseraie 35
1205 Genève – CH

Phone : +41 22 372 86 01
Fax : +41 22 372 86 03

Email :

In both cases, two or more persons may stay there since the price is for the room/studio flat or apartment and does not depend on the number of persons. If this amount exceeds your financial limits, please talk to the social worker: we will always find a solution. You have the possibility to cook in all three locations. Reservations can be made by contacting Ms Genton of APAEG (+41 22 793 69 38), the transplant secretary (+41 22 372 46 60 ), or Mr. Marc Vidal, person in charge of the reception of the Paediatric Surgical Ward (+41 22 372 46 84).