The Centre


Welcome to the Swiss Reference Centre for Liver Disorders in Children!

University Hospitals Geneva (HUG) and its affiliated Children’s Hospital are recognized as the national centre providing care for children suffering from a liver disorder – like your child. We are here to find a diagnosis, propose state-of-the-art treatments and guide you in caring for your child. We work as a team, and you are part of that team, as are your child’s other medical caregivers.

This website will provide you with information on some of the liver disorders in children. You will learn what is meant by “liver transplant”, and you will get acquainted with the main people you are going to meet in our establishment. You will also find a FAQ list and practical information to help you with your arrival and accommodation in Geneva.

Our team is made up of various specialists in the medical and surgical treatments for liver disorders in children. This is why the HUG have been recognised nationally as the reference centre for paediatric hepatobiliary disorders. We have been practising liver transplants in children since 1989, and have performed over 120 transplants. The survival rate is greater than 90%, which is one of the highest in Europe. Every year we treat liver disorders in some 200 children of all ages who come from all over Switzerland and sometimes from abroad.

Geneva is French-speaking, but we all make an effort to speak your language. Almost all of us speak French, (Swiss) German, English and also Italian or Spanish, so we are sure to find a common language!

Our centre, which is recognised both nationally and internationally, favours a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to treating children with liver diseases. You will be meeting hepatologists, perhaps surgeons, anaesthetists, specialised nurses, and many others. We make it a point to work closely together with other actors in treating your child: your paediatrician, your child gastroenterologist, your regional referral centre – and you. It is thanks to this collaboration that we can provide you and your child with a warm welcome and professional, state-of-the-art care.