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When your child has not been vaccinated before the graft, the proposed vaccination schedule must be implemented as soon as our infectiologists recommend, in general 12 months after the graft. If possible, all family members must get a vaccination against varicella before the child undergoes the transplant. In case of an outbreak of measles or varicella in your region, please contact the Centre.

It is recommended that the vaccine series against pneumococcus, hepatitis A and hepatitis B be administered to your child before the graft. If he has not been vaccinated against hepatitis A or B, discuss this point with the internal specialist and your paediatrician to plan a vaccination schedule. The levels of antibodies against hepatitis A and hepatitis B will be checked annually. The annual vaccination against influenza is also recommended for the whole family.

Recommendations for immunization of solid organ transplant candidates and recipients

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As soon as your child has teeth, you must start brushing them. In the beginning, use a wet toothbrush for children without toothpaste. When your child can hold a toothbrush, let him learn how to brush his teeth himself with little toothpaste, but thoroughly brush his teeth yourself afterwards. Teach him to do this after the meals and before going to sleep. Your child’s teeth must be examined and cleaned regularly, at least once per year – more often if your dentist requests it.

Dental exams and care do not require any preventive antibiotic therapy.

In case of an indication of antibiotic therapy by a dentist, it is the dentist who shall prescribe it, account taking of the list of treatments interacting with the tacrolimus supplied by you.

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Persons receiving steroids (Solumedrol or prednisone) may have a mildly blurred vision when high doses are administered. When your child complains of visual disturbances, he must be examined by an ophthalmologist. Moreover, he must undergo an annual eye examination to detect any change.