Back home

Back home, your child will no longer wear a mask to go to areas with a high density of people. However, for 6 months after the graft, it is preferable to avoid going to public places with a high density of people and in particular in winter. We recommend as well avoiding “physical” contact between your transplanted child and his brothers or sisters when the latter are sick. He may again drink tap water and you no longer need to sterilise pacifiers and soothers as well as nursing bottles.

Up to 6 weeks after transplant, your child should only do light physical activities. You should avoid your child’s riding the scooter or the bicycle, climbing the slide or jumping in the trampoline. If your child starts jumping around, that’s no problem, but you should prevent him or her from fighting with other children!

After your return home, you will have appointments with your attending physician and at the Swiss Centre for Liver Diseases in Children. A blood sample of your child will be taken at every follow-up visit. At the Centre, we will also perform a follow-up ultrasonography and we will carry out urinary analyses to check the kidney function. Sometimes, we have to perform a liver biopsy.

During these consultations at the Centre, we must:

  • verify that the drugs are well adjusted to the state of health of your child and to the function of his liver, adjust the drug doses accordingly, discontinue certain drugs and add others.
  • make sure that your child does not develop a rejection of the liver. Contrary to what you think, rejection does not manifest by an acute accident. It manifests by a change in the laboratory examinations, by slightly elevated temperature or by a mild discomfort. In case of rejection, we must increase the doses of certain drugs or give others.
  • check the function of the kidneys. Some drugs may alter this function temporarily.
  • check the drugs for blood pressure.
  • make sure that no infection is affecting your child.
  • progressively diminish his drugs to a minimum.
  • make sure that the transplanted liver works perfectly.