When the evaluation procedure has been completed, a Medical Review Board meets to discuss the necessity that a liver transplant is performed on your child. This group consists of the persons that you met during the evaluation as well as of other health professionals involved in the liver transplant. There are three possible conclusions:

  • Your child is put on the national waiting list for liver transplant (see explications below) and will undergo transplantation as soon as the liver of an appropriate donor is available.
  • Your child must undergo further analyses and procedures before being put on the waiting list.
  • Your child is not put on the waiting list at the moment, since he does not meet the criteria fixed by the Medical Review Board. In this hypothetical case, your child will be closely observed by the gastroenterologist and his case will be remitted again to the Medical Review Board when a transplant seems necessary. It is also possible that children are not accepted for transplantation due to other medical problems. This is the case for example when children are suffering from a severe cardiac or pulmonary disease where a liver transplant alone would not improve their condition.

Subsequently, we will contact you by telephone in order to inform you of the conclusions of the Board and to explain to you what to do. You will also receive a letter confirming the place on the waiting list and giving you important information you need to know in case of a call announcing you that an organ is available for your child. Your paediatrician or attending physician will also be informed of the results of the evaluation in view of a transplant.

The period between the end of this first stay and our answer varies between 10 and 15 days.