Hospitalisation for pré-transplant evaluation


This hospitalisation is to become acquainted, to present to you how the Swiss Centre for Liver Diseases in children works, to explain to you what a liver transplant involves and to perform examinations and investigations of your child with respect to the transplant. The conversations may take place in French, in German or in English, as you wish, or in another language with the help of an interpreter. When your child is old enough to understand well, he will also receive all necessary explications to be able to participate in the decision that primarily concerns the child.

This hospitalisation takes about a week. You and your child meet several physicians, nurses and other persons involved. This evaluation aims at exactly assessing the function of your child’s liver, as well as the child’s general health. All other “systems” must also be evaluated: the kidneys, the lungs, the heart, the immune system, the neurological system, as well as your child’s development. Thus, a consultant of every system will examine your child. The anaesthesiologist will be consulted as well.

This evaluation pursues the following goals :

  • determine if a transplant is indicated
  • determine if another treatment would be more appropriate
  • evaluate if the transplant can be performed on your child
  • if a transplant is necessary and feasible: determine its degree of urgency.