Post-transplant drugs



  • Take the drugs every day at the same time in order to avoid missing a dose. Use a weekly pill box to help you.
  • Do not try to “make up for” missed doses unless your transplant physician told you to.
  • Check the expiry date on the labels of all drugs.
  • For the drugs in vials, always check the dosage (mg/ml) and shake the vial before taking the desired quantity.
  • When you have to renew the drugs, inform your physician between five and seven days before running out of them. When you have a renewable prescription, it is sufficient to call your chemist’s.
  • In case of vomiting, apply the half an hour rule: when a vomiting episode occurred within haft an hour after the administration of the drug, it is reasonable to think that the child did not absorb his dose; thus, you can give him the same dose a second time. When the episode happens half an hour or more after the administration of the drug, do not administer it again, since it probably has been absorbed. Do not hesitate to contact our Centre when you are in doubt or if the vomiting persists.
  • Always give your child the exact quantity of the drug ordered by your physician. Do not follow the instructions on the vial, because they are frequently modified. Caution: 1 mg IS NOT EQUAL TO 1 ml!
  • Do not take any drug other than those that we prescribed for you without having consulted your transplant physician first.