The transplant



From the moment when we call you to announce you that we have a graft for your child, you will have about 1-3 hours to make preparations.

We recommend, however, having a small suitcase ready for you and your child so that the departure is as calm as possible. The transplant coordinator will see to all details regarding your urgent trip to Geneva on the day of the graft, you do not need to organise anything. When you live far from Geneva, the coordinator will contact the REGA team to organise the transport by helicopter – depending on the weather.

From this call on, your child must fast (for the anaesthesia).

When a problem occurs at any point in time while waiting, please contact the Centre.

When your child arrives at our Centre, he will be examined by a physician on service and prepared by the nurses. This preparation takes place on the paediatric surgical ward that you already know. In general, your child will undergo an electrocardiogram (ECG), chest x-ray radiography, a blood collection with insertion of a catheter (intravenous line), examinations of urine, a bath and he must take 2 drugs.



During your trip to the hospital and the preparation of your child, a surgical team will remove the liver from the donor. The medical team who cares for your child stays in contact with the removal team. It may happen that unforeseeable circumstances or an unexpected failure of the removed liver force us to cancel the transplant. In this case, we must stop everything and place your child on the waiting list again. We must act like this since the period between the removal of the liver and the moment when it is connected to your child’s circulation must be as short as possible.

We will not start operating on your child before the removal team has examined the donor’s liver and judges it to be in excellent condition. It may happen, however, that your child has already been brought into the operating room to be prepared for anaesthesia. This is a rare event that happens only because we want the best graft for your child